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The first two weeks of february 2016 we spent on Malapascua Island (north of Cebu / Philippines). The island is famous for the thresher sharks that visit a cleaning station on a diving place called Monad Shoal every morning. Usually they live a lot deeper, but for morning cleaning they come up to 30 meters. There you knee on the rocks and wait patiently for the sharks to appeare. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don´t and sometimes they come very close ;-)

But the other diving places are worth seeing as well. It´s a nice mixture of bigger stuff like frogfish, makerel, white tips, hammer heads or octopus and macro like nudibranch, seahorse or shrimp. We were part of the "lucky team" that even saw the hammer heads, found a pair of harlequin shrimp eating a blue sea star, enjoyd an eagle ray and a devil ray, watched maiting sepia, hunted bobtail squids and so on. Thx Maricris and Ignacio!

The weather was fine (just a few days of rain, but always warm), the food was great, diving was a lot of fun and a lot to see - what else do you need?

Enjoy some pictures from unter water and above.
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